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BiBIL Help - Categories Search

You can browse the hierarchical thesaurus of BiBIL with the help of its structure. For displaying the entries of the appropriate keyword/category, mark it and click on the Search button.

BiBIL Help - Results display

The entries matching your search criteria will be displayed in a list.
By default, the list is contains 10 entries per page.

Changing the sorting of the list

On the top of the list, you can choose the sort criterion of the results list (year, author's name, title, publication type, and of lesser interest: creation and modification date, and entry ID). The flesh at the side enables you to sort it ascending or descending.
On the bottom of a page, you can change the number of entries per page displayed (10, 20, 50, 100) and/or browse within the results list.


By default, the corresponding entries are displayed with the matching of your search criteria highlighted (yellow). On the left, the publication type is displayed.

Click on title

By clicking on the title of the entry, the entry will be displayed in a bibliographical format as well as with all its informations (within the list). For closing this display, click on it again.

Further informations

Some of the entries contain links to (free available) online reviews or abstracts, some contain the DOI (Digital Object Idetifier) that redirects you to the article. By clicking on the link, a new window opens with the appropriate linked address (URL).

Click on author

A click on the author's name will search you all the other entries BiBIL contains with this author. This action redirects you automatically on the Advanced Search.

Click on Reference work

By clicking on the title of the reference work (series, journal, congress volume, festschrift, etc.) the entry will be displayed in a bibliographical format, but the listing below will contain the information of the reference work. For closing this display, click on it again.

Click on Serch references

If an entry is part of a series, edited book, festschrift, or another reference work that contains other entries, a click on the "Search references" will display all the other books of a series or all the other articles of an edited book or a festschrift, etc.