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Bibil Identifier bibil:128961
Publication Type Journal article
Title (Slavonic, Long) Knjige o Makabejcima u hrvatskoglagoljskoj knijiževnosti: Prva knjiga o Makabejcima u hrvatskoglagolskim brevijarima
Author Badurina-Stipčević, Vesna
Journal Slovo (Volume: 54-55)
Year (Publication) 2004
Year (Copyright) 2006
Year (Original (1st Edition)) 2004
Year (Reference) 2004
Year (Second publication) 2005
Language Slavonic
Pages 5-126 Pages
Genre Original
Notes Titre anglais: The Books of the Maccabees in the Croatian Glagolitic Literature: The First Book of the Maccabees in the Croatian Glagolitic Breviaries.
Abstract The Old Testament Books of Maccabees are not included in the Cyril and Methodius Bible (The Life of Methodius says so), because they were missing according to the Jewish canon from the majority of the Greek Bible codices. The Croatian Glagolitic breviaries, the books for worship made according to the Latin liturgical rites of the Western Church, contain the Books of Maccabees in their readings. This is why the Croatian Glagolitic First and The Second Book of Maccabees are valuable and indispensable corpus not only for the reconstruction of the Croatian Glagolitic Bible, but also for the Old Church Slavonic Bible as well.
Altogether twenty-one Croatian Glagolitic breviaries from the middle of the 14th to the middle of the 16th century contain in the month of October the readings from The First Book of Maccabees (1Macc). The length of the original Bible texts colud not be defined in any of these codices, while the longest readings, five of sixteen chapters, are contained in five breviaires: The Second Vrbnik Breviary, The Fifth Vatican Breviary, The Breviary of Vitus of Omiš, The Moscow Breviary and The Second Novi Breviary. Only three breviaries, The Breviary of Padova, The Breviary MR 161 and The Mavar's Breviary have readings from Chapter 7. There are two mainstreams of the Croatian Glagolitic translation: the text in The Second Vrbnik Breviary and The Breviary of Vitus of Omiš and the shorter texts in The Breviary of Padova, The Breviary of Pašman, The Breviary of Draguć, The Breviary MR 161, The Mavar's Breviary, The Vatican Breviary 10, and the Breviary from St. Peter's Archive in Rome. These breviaries mainly belong to the older, northern, Krk-Istrian group of codices that is well known by its traditional Old Testament translations and archaic linguistic characteristisc. The other mainstream consists of the readings in the breviaries of the more recent, south, Zadar-Krbava group eith the Bile texts mainly translates according to Vulgata. These are longer readings in The Fifth Vatican Breviary, The Moscow breviary and the shorter ones in The Oxford and The First Novi Breviary, The Dabar Breviary, The Second Ljubljana Breviary and the Editio Princeps Breviary. The texts in The Seocnd Novi and the Vatican 19, The Bribir Breviary, The Baromić Breviary and the Brozić Breviary belong to the "mid" stream, which is partially similar to the first mainstream and partially come from the second. As some folia are missing in The First Vrbnik Breviary which is the oldest Croatian Glagolitic breviary, the text 1Macc is not preserved there but it can be presumed that it was close to the texts of The Padova Breviary, The Breviary MR161, and The Mavar's Breviary.
The Bible book of the Maccabees has a rich textual tradition: originally it was written in Hebrew at the end of the 2nd century BC, but it has been preserved only in the more recent Greek, Latin, Syrian, Armenian and other translations. The basic Croatian Church Slavic texts belonged to the Vulgata Latin codices, close to the corrected codices of the "Paris Bible" from the 13th century. According to the text characteristics The First Book of the Maccabees belongs to the layer of the Croatian Glagolitic translation which is not from Sts. Cyril and Methodius tradition but was created more recently accordnig to the Latin liturgical model.
The Glagolitic text form The Vitus of Omiš Breviary is published with a critical apparatus in the Latin transliteration with variants from all other breviaries.
Keywords Thesaurus BiBIL : Old Testament (Introduction) : Text : Ancient Recensions and Versions : Slavonic Versions
Thesaurus BiBIL : Books of the Old Testament : Deuterocanonical : 1 and 2 Maccabees : 1 Maccabees
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